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District Heating Nova Milanese


Client: Brianza Energia Ambiente Spa (BEA Spa)
Project: Expansion of district heating network and pipelines for connection in the municipality of Nova Milanese
Services: design, construction management and safety coordination
Location: Nova Milanese
Status: Completed
Year: 2014 - 2017

This EXECUTIVE DRAFT concerns the extension to the Municipality of Nova Milanese of the district heating network of the company Brianza Energia Ambiente Spa (BEA Spa) based in Desio (MB).

The project includes the following interventions, schematically divided into two lots:

  • Lot 1: construction of the new 'Valera - Nova Milanese' feeder in country areas, starting from the hamlet of Valera di Varedo (DN 300 terminals set up in the "Ambit A" construction site area) and construction of a first section of the heat distribution network in the urban area with reaching the school complexes of Via Grandi/Novati and Via Fiume (including disconnections and connections up to user thermal power plants);
  • Lot 2: Implementation of the heat distribution network in Nova Milanese affecting the eastern, southern, and central areas of the municipality, and specifically involving the connection of the City Hall, the school complex on Via Oberdan/Filzi, and the utilities located in the most central urban location (Garibaldi/Vittorio Veneto street intersection).

During the execution of the distribution network, additional minor sections of extension of the heat distribution network in Nova Milanese and related disconnections may possibly be built as a variant, as a result of the need to connect private-type users, should they define to join district heating.

The activities developed in this executive design phase consisted mainly of:

  • Optimization of executive routes in terms of executability and reduction of interference and laying costs;
  • Acknowledgement of the requirements and opinions resulting from the authorization process;
  • Execution of detailed topographic surveys of the final network routes (center area);
  • Performance of geotechnical and environmental investigations to support the executive design;
  • Execution of executive mechanical calculations;
  • Update of overall time estimates for implementation of the intervention;
  • Drafting of the detailed estimated metric calculation and the contract economic framework.

Regarding the timeframe for completion of the works, in the absence of unforeseen contingencies, the project schedule estimates that 275 natural and consecutive days will be needed from the handover of the works.

The implementation of the project will make it possible to serve all 25 public utilities already under agreement with the Municipality of Nova Milanese, with an installed capacity of 5,560 kW.

In addition, this project, according to the indications of BEA Spa, contemplates the connection of no. 5 private utilities for an installed power of about 1,800 kW, the exact location of which will depend on the actual accessions to the service. These connection works, since they are not precisely defined, are planned on a measured basis.

In total (no. 25 public utilities and no. 5 private utilities) this project plans to serve 7.4 MWt (installed power), for which based on past consumption and the size of municipal buildings, as well as the standard demands of residential buildings, an average annual power demand of about 9.2 MWh is estimated.

It is emphasized that the implementation of this executive project and thus the connection of the above-mentioned 30 utilities will be able to take place without the need for upgrades to the existing district heating plant in Via Agnesi.