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Sewer Plans - Province of Parma


Client: Emilia Ambiente
Project: Specialized engineering activities for the development of the sewerage plan for the networks of the municipalities in the province of Parma
Services: Hydraulic modeling and sewer plans
Location: municipalities in the province of Parma
Status : Completed
Year: 2020 - 2022

Sewer plans

Emiliambiente S.p.A., manager of the integrated water cycle for a number of municipalities in the province of Parma, has initiated an important program of activities with the ultimate goal of equipping all municipalities under management with an updated Sewerage Plan, through the reconstruction of the geometric-hydraulic model of the network that faithfully represents the characteristics of the sewer network in each municipality.

Specifically, J+S was commissioned to develop the activities of disposal network surveying, monitoring, hydraulic modeling and drafting of the Sewerage Plan for the municipalities of Torrile, Polesine Zibello and Sissa Trecasali.

Sewer plans

The identification of the hydraulic criticality of the sewer network in the actual state was conducted using the hydraulic model calibrated using the Mike + software developed by the Danish company DHI. The most appropriate calculation resolution models and all necessary calibration parameters were defined. Finally, through iterative processes, the calibration of the network itself was achieved, which allowed a representation capable of simulating the real behavior of the system.

The studies showed that some of the sewer systems analyzed were not adequate for stormwater disposal. The dry weather network analysis also identified the presence or absence of eddy water within the systems, possible causes of both hydraulic and environmental problems.

The intervention definition phase developed an overall framework that included all the interventions needed to adapt and optimize the networks in question considering environmental, structural and hydraulic aspects.