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Who we are

Board of Directors & Partners

J+S S.p.A. is a multidisciplinary integrated design company with over 30 years of experience at the international level. The team of more than 90 professionals is able to develop and manage complex projects thanks to its various established expertise, particularly in the areas of Urban Regeneration and Hydraulic, Sports and Leisure Infrastructure.

Andrea Iannone CEO
Founder Partner
Andrea Iannone
Federico Pella Chief Architect & Business Developer
Architecture BU Director
Founder Partner
Federico Pella
Marco Cottino Technical Director
Hydraulics BU Director
Founder Partner
Marco Cottino
Matteo Stella Technical Director
Infrastructures BU Director
Founder Partner
Matteo Stella
Giorgio Gregato
Architecture BU Coordinator
Federico Sturaro
Hydraulics BU Coordinator
Matteo Cima
Infrastructures BU Coordinator
Matteo Bernareggi

Business Units

Many years of expertise in integrated design and Construction Supervision/CSE, as well as the synergy between the various Business Units (architecture, plumbing, and infrastructure) emphasize projects in which innovation, material sustainability, energy, environmental comfort, and design become the protagonists.

Mission & Vision

We develop concrete and innovative solutions in the design of buildings and complex systems, thanks to our multiple expertise in architecture, hydraulics and infrastructure.
Through the design of buildings and infrastructure we aim to improve the quality of life and leisure time.



The sum of various experiences. The union of multiple skills.

It's architecture. It's engineering. For infrastructure. For hydraulics.
It's design + project management. 
It's innovation + implementation.
J+S is much more.

Because J+S unites.
The ambition of our architects, the precision of our technicians, and the determination of our engineers.

J+S brings together.
Sustainability, people, knowledge.

J+S adds.
An innovative vision to design work to transform visions into actions and enhance the value of territories.

Wherever we go, we bring our desire to develop more functional solutions.

Wherever we work, we add value.


J+S offers itself as a direct interlocutor for integrated design and project management activities and services that involve the client in a unique experience aimed at achieving objectives by elaborating innovative solutions based on technological and environmental sustainability. J+S has been operating with BIM system for several years and has been certified for Architecture and Infrastructure business units since 2020.