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First rain basin - Misinto


Project: Upgrading of existing flywheel tank by rebuilding spillway and construction of first rain compartment
Services: Preliminary, final and executive design, construction supervision and CSE
Location: Misinto (MB)
Status: In progress
Year: 2019 - ongoing

In order to reduce pollution of rivers and subsoil, Brianzacque and CAP Holding, in accordance with the new Regional Regulation 6/19, have entrusted J+S, Idrostudi srl and Studio Majone Ingegneri Associati, with the technical-economic feasibility, final and executive design and construction supervision of the upgrading of the existing flywheel tank in the municipality of Misinto through the construction of a first rain storage compartment.

The basin was sized considering a volume of 50 m3/ha impermeable; therefore, in relation to the basin subtended by the spillway, the useful volume of the basin turns out to be 6010 m3.

The sizing of the works was supported by the integrated mathematical model of the municipalities of Lazzate, Misinto and Cogliate, implemented using Infoworks ICM software on the basis of survey and rainfall and flow monitoring data provided by Brianzacque.

The new fully underground reinforced concrete storage tank is equipped with a pumping system for emptying the reservoir when the rain event is exhausted, delivering to the Cap Holding consortium collector; it also has an automatic washing system for removing materials deposited on the bottom.