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Baranzate variant


Client: Pavimental SpA
Project: A8 - A52 Motorway - Baranzate Bypass
Services: Executive design and site assistance
Location: A8 Motorway, Baranzate - Novate (MI)
Status: Realized
Year: 2014 - 2022

The infrastructure as a whole, develops for about 9 km with a predominantly east-west trend and consists of the upgrading/enhancement mainly on the existing route of the SP46 Rho-Monza, for the section between the junction with the ex-SS35 dei Giovi at Paderno Dugnano and the ex-SS233 Varesina at Baranzate. Specifically, Lot 3 refers to the final part of the intervention (Baranzate Bypass) with a total development of about 2.45 km, under the responsibility of Autostrade per l'Italia. The preparatory works for the opening to traffic of Lot 3 were completed in May 2015 to coincide with the opening of EXPO2015, and among the main works find prominence an Artificial Tunnel and a new underpass on the S.S. 233 Varesina. With these two works, it was possible to abandon the old trench route of SP46 and in its place to build a new bicycle and pedestrian path connecting the municipalities of Bollate and Baranzate.