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Luigi Berlusconi Sports Center


Client: A.C. Monza spa
Project: New first team gym - Luigi Berlusconi Sports Center - Monzello
Services: Preliminary, final and executive design, construction supervision and CSP/CSE
Location: Monzello - Monza (MB)
Status: Built
Year: 2023 - 2024

Innovation and sustainability: these were the keywords that guided the design and construction of the new gym inside the Luigi Berlusconi - Monzello Sports Center. A new space created ad hoc to meet the different needs of the first team. An area in which design and material and environmental sustainability meet to generate a highly functional architectural building that is completely integrated in the green.

The new gymnasium designed by J+S and built by Woodbeton is located directly between the training fields to ensure continuity of use between indoor and outdoor and make the players' training activities even more functional. It is a very rational artifact, measuring approximately 50.00 x 9.00 m, made of wood framed structure, with an exterior cladding of larch lath, which encloses the following functions:

  • 360-square-meter fitness area with natural lighting thanks to large, full-height windows
  • dedicated toilets
  • premises for changing shoes 
  • Technical and storage room, with access directly from outside.

It is also equipped with a practicable portion of the roof bordered by metal railings, which is accessed via an open staircase located on the south front to allow the technical staff to observe training on the playing fields from above. The rest of the roof is used for the installation of the photovoltaic system.