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Maria Letizia Verga Committee


Client: Fondazione Monza e Brianza per il bambino e la sua mamma - Onlus & Fondazione Tettamanzi
Project: Maria Letizia Verga Committee Expansion
Services: Preliminary, final, executive design, construction supervision and CSP/CSE
Location: Monza (MB)
Status: In progress
Year: 2021 - in progress

More space for research and treatment of childhood leukemia.

A ten-story tower, nine medical outpatient clinics, specialist rooms and large areas dedicated to research: 5880 m2 more to better support the growing demands for treatment and hospitalization. A major intervention that, in three years, will also see the construction of new offices and large Sport-Therapy areas for psychosocial activities. An ambitious project that will make the "Big House" for the study, treatment and care of childhood leukemia even more operational and welcoming.