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Municipal Waterworks Masterplan (MI)


Project: Service for hydraulic modeling of aqueducts, network districting, water loss analysis and research
Services: hydraulic modeling and aqueduct planning
Location: various municipalities in the province of Milan
Status: Completed
Year: 2018 - 2022

Our team was in charge of the service for hydraulic modeling of aqueducts, network districting, water leakage analysis and research for the 500 km of aqueduct network, managed by Amiacque Srl, belonging to several municipalities distributed over the territory of the Province of Milan.

The work consisted of four main phases, starting from an in-depth study of the network to the development of a numerical model that reflects its real behavior, providing a valuable tool for simulation and planning activities. The first phase of data collection and analysis provides an in-depth understanding of the architecture of the network in its structural and operational characteristics. The preparation of water balances takes place following the design of a districting system, for which a flow, pressure and overpressure monitoring campaign is planned. The mathematical model building phase, a central part of the study, makes use of the results of the preliminary analysis to obtain as an end result a reliable tool suitable for both global-scale assessments and detailed analyses.