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Client: Bluwater spa
Project: Acquaworld
Services: Preliminary, final, executive design and construction supervision
Location: Concorezzo (MB)
Status: Built
Year: 2008 - 2010

Acquaworld is Italy's first fully covered water park.

The Aquatic and Wellness Park represents a universe of its own in the Italian and European panorama, a unique product in terms of the characteristics of the offer that cannot be assimilated to anything already on the market. The facility is characterized by a highly innovative and striking architecture that uses cutting-edge materials. Designed with great attention to energy saving and recovery, providing, among other things, the best technologies for home automation management and special attention to maintenance.

Among its peculiarities, it is also worth mentioning the high resistance to indoor microclimatic conditions and the use of ETFE, which is able to let the sun's UV rays pass through, which ensures that you can get a tan even when you are inside the covered structure. The complex consists of a single structure approximately 133 m long and 53 m wide, built using the most advanced building technologies and high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. The transparent roof, about 17 m high, is supported by an exposed structural skeleton made of glulam (GL 24 and GL 28 fir) and lattice steel. The seven exceptionally long main beams and 91 secondary beams are interconnected by means of 1,700 different joining elements. The aim of this technical solution is to achieve a lightweight, high-performance structural system in which wood is the predominant material. In fact, even the oak-colored cross beams are made of glulam and are all different in length, curvature, cross section, and angle.