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Sant'Elia Stadium


Client: Cagliari Calcio
Project: New Stadium
Services: Feasibility study
Location: Cagliari
Status: Project completed
Year: 2018
Team: J+S and One Works

J+S and One Works present the design for Cagliari's new stadium.
The two firms worked in collaboration with Portuguese architects Gonçalo Byrne and João Nunes, and together with Italians Deerns and Studio Majowiecki, to present a proposal that would stand out for its ability to integrate into the landscape while dialoguing with the territory. The new facility is designed to attract and accommodate not only fans, but all visitors outside of match-day as well. The Four Moors blindfold becomes the skin that wraps the bowl and characterizes it iconographically.

Innovative in materials, durable in time, and flexible in capacity, the joint project among the #03 sort-listed knows how to excite by optimizing all functions that can be activated independently of each other.