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BORMIO TERME - Stelvio Pool


Client: BORMIO TERME spa
Project: Restyling and Expansion of existing spa facility
Services: Technical and economic feasibility, final, executive design, construction supervision and CSP/CSE
Location: Bormio (SO)
Status: Built
Year: 2020 - 2022

The management and implementation of the redevelopment of the entire spa complex will take place in phases and individual areas of operation, which will be spread over the next five years of operation, without interference with management.

Among the main objectives is the desire to accentuate the role of the facility as an integrated system of services, with particular attention to those that could become synergistic with the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympic event: from the recreational pools for families and children to the sports-health areas that will range from spa treatment to rehabilitation to physical recovery.

The current, partly dated structure will give way to sustainability and excellence in technology and materials with upgraded and up-to-date areas.

The facility will be in complete synergy with the surrounding area and will offer insights into experiencing the extraordinary beauty of Alta Valtellina.